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MummyFeed Pre-Delivery

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MummyFeed Pre-Delivery is a unique nutraceutical formulation consisting of specially chosen ingredients with tested therapeutic benefits, that help nourish the mother and the growing baby.

It promotes formation of the baby’s vital organs and especially supports its brain development resulting in a healthy and intelligent baby.

Why MummyFeed Pre-Delivery?

  • Helps development of the baby’s brain and nervous system.
  • Promotes formation of strong bones (skeletal system) of the baby.
  • Helps enhance the immunity of the baby and mother.
  • Helps improve texture of hair and skin of the baby.
  • Supports overall health of the baby and mother.


Contains 30 sachets of 12 grams each.

Recommended Intake: One sachet per day or as suggested by dietician or health practitioner.


Directions For Use: Mix the contents of the sachet with water and stir thoroughly. Adjust the taste by varying the quantity of water. Alternatively, milk may also be used. 


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